Our Tax Advisory Service

Tax advice is crucial in all organizations, especially in terms of timely compliance with all tax obligations, thus avoiding unnecessary financial constraints.
Given these needs, Acticonta has at your disposal a team of qualified professionals to give clear and effective answers, depending on the needs of each customer.

Who is it for?

  • All types of companies, such as public limited companies and limited liability companies;
  • Individual entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals with organized accounting and Simplified Regime.


  • Assessment of proper compliance with corporate tax obligations;
  • Advisory, prevention and fiscal framework advice
  • Efficient and timely fiscal follow-up thus eliminating present and future risks;
  • Identification of early solutions through proactive diagnostics.

Tax Advisory service activities

  • Periodic tax information with relevant legislative changes;
  • Information and advice to companies on tax, parafiscal and accounting matters;
  • Periodic estimates of the amount of income tax payable;
  • Support in reviewing tax returns;
  • Support for deferred tax calculation;
  • Support to the elaboration of information to include in the IES;
  • Support and follow up on tax inspections;
  • Support to the elaboration of VAT refund processes.
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We provide the most appropriate service for your company.

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