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Author's rights, protected by the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is the remuneration due for the primary work of intellectual creation.

Its respect and conscience of social justice, gives the author the exclusive right to freely choose the processes, conditions and values of the use and exploration of his works.

This consent, which is implicitly onerous, is mandatory, anticipated and authorized in writing.

The Portuguese legislation is fixed in its own diploma with Decree Law No. 63/85, of March 14:
“ Código do Direito de Autor e dos Direitos Conexos”.

In Portugal, SPA - Portuguese Society of Authors is the entity that represents all authors registered directly or indirectly in foreign counterparts.

Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores


Acticonta, as correspondent of SPA - Portuguese Society of Authors, aims to grant the appropriate authorizations in the following municipalities of the Lisbon district area:

Present in the following municipalities


  • Mafra

  • Torres Vedras

  • Sobral Monte Agraço

  • Arruda

  • Cadaval

Who is it for?

To all public and private entities that use protected works, in whatever form and means currently known or that may be in the future, and to all public places, even with a stated reservation of the right of admission.


  • Rigor and safety in obtaining authorization to use works protected by author's rights given Acticonta is a SPA Correspondent;
  • Convenience in obtaining authorization since traveling to Lisbon is not required;
  • Compliance with the conditions of use of the works;

Author's Rights service activities

  • Control of authorizations;
  • receipt collection
  • Clarifications;

Working Period

Monday to Friday

10:00-12:30h | 14:00 - 17:00h

Absence of Authorization

The Absence of Authorization incurs the various infractions provided for in the aforementioned Código do Direito de Autor e dos Direitos Conexos.

  • Accounting

  • Tax Advisory

  • Human Resources

  • Author's rights

Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores

Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores

Author's rights Information

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