Our Accounting Service


Accounting plays a vital role in the success of organizations, being an important financial and management tool that assists management in planning, controlling and making decisions.

At Acticonta we carry out the accounting according to the different standards and frameworks, guaranteeing an excellent, personalized and highly rigorous service.

Who is it for?

  • All types of business activities, such as public limited companies and limited liability companies;
  • Individual entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals with organized accounting and Simplified Regime.


  • Accuracy and security in accounting handling;
  • Compliance with tax obligations with transparency and effectiveness;
  •  Provision of information to support management;
  • Assumption of responsibility by duly accredited Certified Accountants;
  • Timely information, which maximizes the best decision making.

Accounting service activities

  • Execution of General and Analytical Accounting;
  • Collection, organization, classification and computerization of accounting documents;
  • Preparation of specific Accounts Plans in accordance with accounting principles and standards, using cost accounting and respective cost centers;
  • Monthly preparation of reconciliations of all balance accounts;
  • Preparation of the register of investments in tangible, intangible and other fixed assets;
  • Accounting report, including the preparation of financial statements (with evolutionary and comparative analysis): Balance Sheets and Income Statements;
  • Preparation, analysis and presentation of periodic management support reports;
  • Periodic meetings with entrepreneurs / managers;
  • Completion and submission of periodic tax returns and necessary efforts for their payment (VAT, IRC, Stamp Duty, IRS…), closure of accounts and statement of results;
  • Preparation of Annual Report and Accounts, Financial Restructuring, as well as filing and delivery of annual tax obligations (Model 22, IES);
  • Consolidation of accounts;
  • Accounting recovery;
  • Impairment treatment;
  • Implementation of integrated management systems (cash management, current account management, stock management, external services);
  • Support in setting up new companies;
  • Support in the certification of companies.
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